Natsu! Cool summer-inspired 3D animation

This cool summer themed set of animations was created by motion designer Riccardo Albertini. Inspired by the many looping animated GIFs already online, Albertini set himself three basic rules when creating the project.

Firstly, everything had to be done using 3D software program Cinema 4D. Secondly, every animation had to be an infinite loop and lastly, each could only feature two colours, one of which had to be white. Albertini also enlisted the help of sound designer Wesley Slover for the soundtrack, after the pair met on Vimeo.

The result is this gorgeous two-minute animation depicting various summer scenes (we particularly like the watermelon sequence). Albertini then aptly named his short film Natsu - the Japanese word for summer.

Motion designer Riccardo Albertini created a set of animations depicting summer scenes using Cinema 4D

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