Turn the iPad Pro into a Cintiq replacement

Astropad enables you to put your iPad Pro to work as a fully-fledged graphics tablet

We've been largely positive about the iPad Pro's potential as a serious drawing tool here at Creative Bloq – but let's face it, it's not a Wacom Cintiq. However, the makers of one of the latest iPad Pro apps reckon that they can make it so.

Astropad, created by ex-Apple engineers Matt Ronge and Giovanni Donelli, consists of a pair of apps – one for your iPad and one for your Mac – that enables you use your iPad with a pressure-sensitive stylus (or your finger if you prefer) and draw directly onto Photoshop – or any other app you might prefer – on your Mac.

The new version of the app is optimised for both the iPad Pro screen size and Apple Pencil

With Astropad you can connect your iPad to your Mac either over your wi-fi network or via USB and use it as a second, touch-sensitive display.

And now there's an iPad Pro-optimised version. Here's what's new...

  • Support for both the iPad Pro screen size and Apple Pencil
  • Advanced stroke tuning to remove stray points
  • Support for tilt on the Apple Pencil: the angle of the Pencil is fed into your Mac for more accurate brush simulation
  • Custom pressure curve specifically for Apple Pencil
  • Further reduced latency, especially for Macs that have dual graphics cards
  • Improved image quality, so the image on your iPad Pro is crisper

"We think the iPad Pro is incredibly exciting for artists everywhere," says Astropad's co-founder Matt Ronge. "It's an incredible multipurpose tablet that just by launching our app Astropad, can replace pen displays from Wacom that cost thousands."

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