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Interactive 3D app charts map of the internet

map of the internet

The 'Map of the Internet' app serves as an educational tool for the hosting industry

Ever wondered how the internet works? Chances are, you probably have a rough idea but what if you could trace routes, track down networks and calculate the time it takes for the data to travel between two locations?

One of the internet's leading web hosting providers, PEER 1 has decided to provide something a little extra - a brand new app that showcases the world's networks and how they are connected. The free 'Map of the Internet' app for iPad and iPhone serves as an educational tool for the hosting industry, academia and everyone interested in networking and the physical infrastructure of the internet. Need more support? Try one of the best web hosting providers.

Where Google began

Users can see where popular companies like Google and Facebook are located on the internet, as well as when such companies first appeared online. In addition to showcasing the internet’s history, the app allows users to see how the internet will evolve between now and 2020.

Robert Miggins, senior vice president, business development, PEER 1 Hosting said: “We’re passionate about the internet and continue to look for ways to demonstrate and share that with the world; the Map of the Internet app exemplifies those efforts.”

You can download the Map of the Internet via the iTunes app store.

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