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Turn your kids' drawings into digital fish

These days, sticking your kids' drawings on the fridge just won't cut it. Up the ante with Squigglefish, an app that will makes their creations come to thrilling animated life.

Here's how it works: your child draws a fish on a piece of paper using a thick black pen for the outline, and then colours it in. Next they use the SquiggleFish app to scan the drawing using the iPad’s camera, and watch the fish come to life, swimming around the on-screen fishtank. It's as easy as that!

We like the fact this app rewards children for being creative on paper, not just on screen. Developed by Stripey Design, Squigglefish will go hand-in-hand with the likes of Drawnimal. (And although it's aimed at three- to seven-year-olds, we can't help but want a go ourselves...).

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