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Turn a Facebook cover image into a work of art

Digital Boutique Neo-Pangea has recently launched FaceBlam!, a new iPad app designed to transform ordinary Facebook cover images into something a little more artistic.

Harnessing the touchscreen capabilities of the iPad, FaceBlam enables users to merge their cover and profile images into one customised portrait through the use of special image editing tools.

"FaceBlam! actually began as a research and development project for us," says Neo-Pangea’s co-founder Brett Bagenstose. "We wanted to create something that would test the iPad’s capabilities while further developing our programming tool kit. We not only accomplished these goals, but have also produced a fun and functional tool for Facebook users.”

Take your Facebook cover image from bland to BLAM!

Take your Facebook cover image from bland to BLAM!

The company's marketing of the product is very tongue-in-cheek, using fonts, colour schemes and effects reminiscent of a 1970s cleaning product commercial. They've also thrown in some brilliantly cheesy catchphrases, commenting on the apps website, 'Faceblam is like an instant dayspa for your cover photo'. Genius.

For more details on how install and use the app, visit the rather glamorous and sparkling FaceBlam! website or watch the video below:

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