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Weave beautiful patterns of light with this awesome tool

Visit Weave Silk and spin your own patterns

Just visit the site and start moving your mouse around

If you've ever doubted the importance of symmetry to art, then have a play with this brilliant in-browser tool.

Created by Yuri Vishnevsky as an experiment in generative art, WeaveSilk allows you to weave lattices of light simply by dragging about your mouse. Every movement you make is mirrored with perfect symmetry, creating magical patterns with very little effort.

Build up your illustration

Add extra colours to build up your illustration

Use the simple controls in the left-hand corner of the screen to switch between colours and build up your illustration. You also have the option to switch between simple symmetry, four-way symmetry and no symmetry.

Weave Silk was built using the latest web technologies: HTML5, Canvas, Web Audio for music, and responsive sound effects. The frontend was written in Coffeescript with the backend written in Go. So if not's working in your browser, try it out in Chrome.

You can share your creations

There's a share button if you want to share your creations

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