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Brought to you by Creative Bloq in partnership with HP, Nvidia and 2000 AD, a Rebellion company, Masters of CG is a competition for creatives who are resident in the EU.

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The Masters of CG competition offers you the one-in-a-lifetime chance to work with one of 2000 AD's most iconic characters: Rogue Trooper. Using the classic Rogue Trooper storyline Remembrance Day, we invite you to form a team (of up to four participants) and tackle as many of our four categories as you wish.

There are thousands of pounds worth of prizes up for grabs. Your team will have the chance to win trips to Siggraph Los Angeles in 2015 or Siggraph Asia in Shenzhen in 2014 (including tickets, flights and accommodation), plus one of a number of HP Slate tablets and some incredible software bundles.

Here's some info on the different categories...

01. Title sequence

This category requires you to create a 30 second title sequence

This category is perfect for motion graphic professionals and enthusiasts. Judges will expect to see something unique and themed to the Rogue Trooper brief provided. Title sequences - expected to last around 30 seconds - give you the opportunity to experiment with new motion graphics, lighting and rendering techniques, that aren't often possible for visual effects shots. So let's see what you can do!

02. Main shots

This category requires you to produce a scene using CG animation or VFX

Entries in this category need to supply a series of main action shots. This would be the main action content of the piece. It can either be full CG animation or composited VFX with live action.

The priority here is to provide your own interpretation of the brief provided, and to show off the storyline to the fullest. This can be either full CG, or composited. It will last between one and two minutes and can be comprised of as many shots as you wish to include.

03. Film poster

This category requires you to design a film poster

The challenge here is to create a movie poster. Traditional movie posters are mostly based on footage or characters from the film, and this should be no different.

Using Remembrance Day brief, entrants must create their posters using the same tools and techniques as the other categories. The only difference is that we expect a 3D still, rather than an animation. The poster should include typography and a full list of credits, which can be downloaded here.

04. Idents

This category requires you to produce a five-second sting

Always popular with animators and motion graphics experts, this category is to create an identity for the project, such as the MGM lion, or Universal's spinning Earth idents.

These stings are limited to five seconds with a hold screen. Similarly to the poster, this category is perfect for animators who wish to enter, but who may have less time available.

For full details of how to enter and to get your Competition Information Pack, head to the Masters of CG website now.

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