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Behance portfolio of the week: LoboMau

Based in Portugal, LoboMau is creative agency specialising in advertising, film and photography. The company's website has a stunning landing page, which is full of motion-filled project covers showcasing its brilliant work.

The company has created short films, TV spots, rebranded campaigns for various European companies. They are also responsible for creating the world's first QR code in Portugese cobblestone, which leads to content promoting Portugal.

Here, we've selected five of our favourite pieces of LoboMau's work, but head to Behance to check out a fuller selection of its imaginative and inspiring work.

01. QRCode Cobblestone

LoboMau created this super-cool project for Portuguese ad agency MSTF Partners. The brief was to 'Launch a QR code, one of the most innovative technologies of the 21st century, made by Portuguese cobblestones, one of the most ancient Portuguese traditions.'

02. Zorra musicvideo

This music video for Zorra was directed by Edgar Ferreira and produced by LoboMau. The team worked closely to the brief, which detailed 'A journey throughout time, light guided with the immersive sound of Zorra'.

03. Nails 21

LoboMau's product campaign shots for beauty company Nails 21

LoboMau's product campaign shots for beauty company Nails 21

The LoboMau team was responsible for a rebrand as well as a product campaign for beauty company Nails 21. Created this year, they worked with photographer Nuno Francisco da Silva to develop a series of stunning images for the brand.

04. Indie LX 2011

This atmospheric spot was created for the Indie Lisboa Independent film festival in 2011. LoboMau was responsible for the filming and overall art direction on the spot, it directed by Filipe Miranda and Nuno Viana.

05. Bypass

Again, working with director Edgar Ferreira, the LoboMau team was responsible for the animation and filming on this cool music video for God Knows you've got me Hanging by Bypass.

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