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Image of the day: Balearicos by Popular

Computer Arts: Tell us about the project ...
Peter Chadwick:
Popular was approached to create an identity for Friday nights at the Red Market in Shoreditch. The identity was to include a logo type, mark, online and social media assets, flyers, adverts, badges and billboards.

Balearicos runs through July and August this Summer and aims to bring a little bit of Ibiza to East London. There was no brief, just to create a strong, stripped-back, bold aesthetic, using a limited colour palette. We settled on the main mark being a geometric letter B working, alongside a sun motif.

CA: What is the creative process like for you, your workflow, programmes used?
On this occasion, there was very little time to think as we had barely a couple of days from receiving the call to delivering the first round of ideas. From start to finish it took about two full working days spaced out over one working week.

No briefs are great when you have a a decent amount of time to think, develop and discuss ideas with a client. In this instance, I got lucky as the direction was chosen from the first set of six idents delivered. If that hadn't been the case, you never know how long the initial creative process could have gone on for.

CA: How did you get into design?
: I originally wanted to be a photographer, but after hearing Peter Saville talk at a design conference many years ago that changed everything for me. The camera was put down and the pantone book was picked up.

Increasingly, it's becoming more stripped-back. I like to work with type and image. Right now, two of my favourite creatives are Mike Mills and Scott King.

Check out more from Popular at and on Twitter, @Popular_Space

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