Logo systems: the future of logo design?

Technology has changed the landscape of the design industry drastically over the past 30 years, but the theory and approach to logo design has remained somewhat the same, with most designers (thankfully) using tried and tested principles that work.

Trends come and go, but with the growth of smartphone use there's been a shift in the approach to how logos have been designed. This will certainly influence how designers think about brand identity design from now on.

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Ian Paget

Ian is an accomplished logo designer with over a decade of experience in the field. He is recognised for his ability to create striking and effective logos that communicate the brand's essence. Ian is also the host of the popular Logo Geek Podcast, where he shares his expertise and interviews other leading designers and marketing experts in the industry, as well as author of the book, Make a Living Designing Logos. Through his work, Ian has established himself as a respected voice in the design community, and his passion for the craft is evident in everything he does.