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Minimal branding for specialist medical clinic has the cool factor

Crotherapy is a specialist form of medical treatment, which uses extremely low temperatures in medical therapy. One establishment that specialises in such treatment is Monterrey-based clinic Boreálica, who recently commissioned creative agency Anagrama to provide a new identity that communicated its services.

The Anagrama team comment on Behance: "Our proposal draws inspiration from the most frigidly cold places on earth – the North and South poles. Using a frosty color palette of white, grey and holographic foil we communicate the nature of Boreálica's glacial services.

"The monogram is designed based on the traditional symbolic representation of temperature, using the signs around Boreálica's 'B' to round up the brand's cool factor. Overall, we strived to create a brand that would convey the values of health, technology and hygiene to a target market consisting of professional athletes and health-conscious people."

Kerrie Hughes is editor of Creative Bloq. Kerrie was staff writer for 3D World magazine before joining the original Creative Bloq team in 2012. Since then she's written regularly for other publications, including ImagineFX, 3D World and Computer Arts magazines.