Volvic unveils radical new branding and logo

NEW BRANDING: A strong use of green to help the bottle stand out on the shelves

The French company behind one of the world's most popular brands of bottled water has unveiled new bottle design, packaging and logo. The new label design (above) takes the green volcano of the old design (below) and brings it front and centre.

The graphic has been enlarged and redrawn, giving it much more definition, in line with the brand slogan 'Filled with Volcanicity'.

Overall, the design is defiantly green, with blue now entirely absent from both the label and the bottle itself. It's a radical move, with blue the dominant colour in bottled water branding due to its association with coolness, tranquility, and clarity.

OLD BRANDING: Being phased out in August and September

The new bottle will be rolled out aross this month and the next, and be accompanied by a multi-platform advertising campaign, says Volvic.

The new designs will also carry through to the brand's 'Juiced' and 'Touch of Fruit' ranges (see below):

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