Bank targets designers with hipster makeover

The NatWest makeover is launching in hip East London area Shoreditch

However much we may grumble about our salaries, the truth is that designers and creatives are among the young professionals most craved by banks and other financial institutions.

So it's not surprising that the UK's biggest bank, NatWest, has chosen the graphic and web designer hub of Shoreditch, East London (aka 'Tech City'), to launch a physical reboot of their branches and mobile offerings that it calls 'human centred' and 'less about banking, more about living'.

With simple, black and white artwork representing different life experiences Natwest says it wants to talk to customers in more informal, laid-back way. This physical approach is being combined with the launch of a closed private beta of a series of new mobile apps with self-explanatory names, called HouseMove, ManageMoney and Spendorama.

Anyone wishing to sign up for the trials can do so at