The best Apple Pencil tips in 2023

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The best Apple Pencil tips are essential investments if you use Apple's stylus for digital art on an iPad. When the first-generation Apple Pencil arrived back in 2015, the company was kind enough to throw in a replacement tip at no extra cost. This is because, believe it or not, the pencil tip doesn't last forever. Over time, it will wear out and lose accuracy and could even damage or scratch your iPad screen. 

The second-generation Apple Pencil saw a number of new features, but at the same time it lost the replacement tip – thanks Apple! So if you are a frequent user of your Apple Pencil, you'll want to have some replacement tips handy. You might think Apple is the best place to head for these, and you wouldn't be wrong. Replacements from Apple are a direct replica of what is fitted at the time of manufacture, so you're guaranteed the same performance and longevity as the original. But there are also third party replacement tips, which might be better suited to your use. 

Metal is one option. And before you ask, no, I haven't gone mad - glass is harder than metal and so shouldn't damage the screen. It could, however, damage any anti-reflective coating on the display, which is worth bearing in mind. The biggest pro of a metal tip is how long it will last (i.e., forever), and the number one downer would probably be the noise it makes when hitting the screen, . 

The other options are rubber and silicone tips, both of which provide a lot of resistance against glass. That makes them a good choice for drawing, but not so much for writing, for which a hard plastic or even metal tip would be better suited. 

I have tried and tested a number of Apple Pencil tips and collated a list of the best products suitable for a variety of uses. If you want to give your device an added layer of protection, visit our round up of the best iPad screen protectors

The best Apple Pencil tips available now

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How often should I replace my Apple Pencil tip?

The good news is, the Apple Pencil is incredibly robust, and the tip should last a good couple of years without the need to replace it. That said, if it is used heavily, it might be sooner than that. It is similar to a regular pencil in that way in that it will wear down over time.

This is why Apple Pencil tips are such a great idea. Not only can you buy some to help the Pencil lend itself to your exact needs, they also act as protection for the original nibs. 

How do I know when my Apple Pencil needs a new tip?

There are a few immediate signs that will alert you to being in need of a replacement Apple Pencil tip. However, you should look to replace it before this point to avoid any damage to your device's screen. The tip looking and/or feeling jagged, or your iPad not responding to it are both signs the tip needs to be replaced urgently. 

To prevent your Apple Pencil from getting lost, you might want to consider one of the best iPad cases with a pencil holder.

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