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The best cloud backup for Mac in 2022

Best Cloud Backup for Mac
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There are plenty of reasons why you might be on the hunt for the best cloud backup for Mac computers. While iCloud offers a convenient way to store your Mac’s data in the cloud, it’s not a perfect solution. If you own multiple Mac devices, share your iCloud space with others, or use several iCloud services, the program can quickly reach capacity, and it isn't cheap.

And while Apple products are known for being secure, the same level of protection doesn’t apply to iCloud. In 2014, dozens of A-list celebrities had their iCloud accounts hacked. And in 2019, there was a phishing scam where hackers tried to trick users into handing over confidential information. 

Thankfully, there are cloud backup solutions outside of iCloud. Read below to learn about the best cloud storage and backup solutions for Macs. And if it's less Mac-specific recommendations you want, then see our best cloud storage overall guide.

Best Cloud Backup for Mac

Backblaze offers cloud backup for those needing unlimited storage (Image credit: Backblaze)

Best for those who prioritise unlimited storage

Storage: Unlimited
Cost: $7/month; $70/year; $130/every two years
Backup Frequency: Continuous
Customer Support: Email and live chat
Two-Factor Authentication: Yes, app or SMS
Versions Kept/Period: 30 versions/30 day
Reasons to buy
+Easy to use+Unlimited backup+Users can implement their own encryption key +Ability to find a stolen device
Reasons to avoid
-No free pricing plans-No automatic upload from mobile devices-Only keeps deleted items for 30 days-Doesn’t offer top-notch security

Backblaze comes with an easy-to-use interface, competitive pricing, and an unlimited backup option. It integrates easily into macOs, and you can configure the app directly within System Preferences.

Like iCloud, Backblaze secures data at rest using AES 128-bit encryption, which is robust but not quite as secure as the industry-standard 256-bit AES.

It secures transfers using TLS, an encryption method that is virtually uncrackable, and regularly hires third-party organisations to test and improve upon security features. There is also an anti-theft feature that records your computer’s IP address when it connects and two-factor authentication, which means you need to enter both a password and a code sent to your device or email in order to access your account.

Backblaze offers the standard Mac experience, and it couldn’t be easier to get started. Your backups will be automatically configured, so you don’t have to do it yourself. Flexible data recovery options are also available, as Backblaze offers three different ways for you to restore your data: via USB flash drive, USB hard drive, or downloadable ZIP file. 

With Backblaze, you’ll need to get a license for each computer you want to protect. So if you want to license five devices, your minimum cost will jump to $35 per month. However, you do have the option to change which of your devices is associated with Backblaze by transferring the license or inheriting a backup state on a new device. For more info, see our full Backblaze review.

Best Cloud Backup for Mac

IDrive allows you to back up disk images, servers, photos, and more (Image credit: IDrive)

Best for those searching for continuous, real-time backup

Storage: 5GB–10TB depending on the plan
Pricing: $0/yr Basic plan; $59.62/yr Personal plan; $74.62/yr Team plan
Backup Frequency: Continuous for files under 500 MB
Customer Support: 24/7 live chat, email, and phone
Two-Factor Authentication: Yes, email
Versions Kept/Period: 30 versions/Unlimited
Reasons to buy
+Offers file sharing capability+Allows you to restore files for an indefinite time+Unlimited devices per account+Offers disk image backup
Reasons to avoid
-Storage isn't unlimited-Only offers basic sharing options-No unlimited backup plan

IDrive offers cloud storage in addition to a host of backup features, including server backup, disk image backup, and NAS backup. What’s more, it allows unlimited devices per account, making it perfect for those who need to back up multiple devices. 

The cloud solution allows you to create a private key for encryption, making it a zero-knowledge service. This essentially means that you’ll have a password for your data, which is converted into code. You’ll need the password to decode the data, and since you’re the only person who has the key, even IDrive can’t access your information.  

IDrive comes with a truly continuous, real-time backup option, as long as the files are under 500 MB. A highly-detailed scheduling page makes it easy for users to choose exactly when and how often they want to back up their files. 

If you opt for IDrive Express, you can quickly back up or retrieve large amounts of data. IDrive Express is a physical data transfer service that allows you to back up your Mac to a temporary, pre-paid hard drive. After you complete the backup using the pre-installed hardware, you’ll send the hard drive back to IDrive, where they’ll upload your files to your online account. Read our IDrive review for more information.

Best Cloud Backup for Mac

Carbonite cloud backup offers a user-friendly interface (Image credit: Carbonite)

03. Carbonite

Best for those who prioritize user-friendliness

Storage: Unlimited
Cost: $6–$50/month depending on the number of computers
Backup Frequency: Automatically up to 4x per day, or every 6 hours
Customer Support : 24/7 online chat support, phone support 7 days per week
Two-Factor Authentication: Yes
Versions Kept/Period : 12 versions/3 months
Reasons to buy
+Unlimited online storage for Mac users+Offers external drive backup+Plus and Prime plans include Webroot Secure Anywhere AntiVirus subscription+File Explorer integration
Reasons to avoid
-Slow online interface-No collaboration or sharing features-Private key encryption option limited to Windows-No mobile app

Carbonite offers unlimited backup and storage in an easy-to-use system. Like Backblaze, it provides a per-device plan with the ability to upgrade. While Carbonite defaults to the same continuous backup setting, customisation options are available. You can also restore your backup files automatically, without the need for manual manipulations. 

Carbonite uses 128-bit AES for data at rest, which is less secure than the industry standard 256-bit AES, and TLS encryption for data in transit. However, it comes with the Webroot SecureAnywhere AntiVirus system, which is a top-rated, cloud-based antivirus program. 

The solution also offers step-by-step recovery, enabling you to restore files to their original location directly within the app. Carbonite distinguishes itself in the customer support department, offering phone support seven days a week from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST. 

Unlike other services, Carbonite does not let you share files from your online storage. Additionally, mobile backup options are limited, and the solution lacks file sharing, folder syncing, and disk imaging capabilities.

Best Cloud Backup for Mac

Acronis’s extensive security features offers peace of mind when backing up files (Image credit: Acronis)

04. Acronis

Best for those looking for extensive security options

Storage: 500GB–1TB depending on the plan
Cost: $49.99/yr Essentials plan; $89.99/yr Advanced plan; $124.99/yr Advanced plan
Backup Frequency: Daily backup Monday–Friday
Customer Support: Live chat, call center, social media support, and forum support
Two-Factor Authentication: Yes
Versions Kept/Period: 999 versions/99 months
Reasons to buy
+Full disk image backup and restore+Ransomware and malicious URL protection+Intuitive, user-friendly interface+Blockchain-based data verification
Reasons to avoid
-No password protection for shared files-Does not offer unlimited storage-Technically advanced features unsuitable for the average user

Acronis offers a cloud backup solution that works particularly well for those who prioritise security. Security features include ransomware protection, malware protection, electronic signature, automatic data replication, and blockchain certification. Your files are protected with end-to-end encryption, and Acronis will have zero knowledge of your backups.  

This prevents unauthorised access to your personal data, meaning it’ll be safer from hackers, and Acronis won’t be able to share your data with third parties without your express consent. 

Its basic plan only gives one Mac access to all security features, but you can upgrade to more devices for an additional price. However, mobile devices do not count against the device limit. 

Acronis also offers a free 30-day trial for all of its plans, and you don’t have to provide any payment information. Available features you can test include file sharing, full-disk backup, folder syncing, and file versioning. For a small fee, you can even schedule a call with an Acronis engineer to install and configure the backup solution for you. 

A unique feature available for Acronis users is called Acronis Universal Restore. This feature allows you to make your old system bootable on new hardware. This may be useful after you replace a failed motherboard or decide to migrate your system from one computer to another.

Best Cloud Backup for Mac

SpiderOak One Backup offers many advanced control options (Image credit: SpiderOak)

05. SpiderOak One Backup

Best for those seeking advanced controls

Storage: 150GB–5TB depending on the plan
Cost: $6 to $29/month or $69 to $329/year
Backup Frequency: Select from every 5 minutes to every 48 hours
Customer Support: Email support only
Two-Factor Authentication: No
Versions Kept/Period: Unlimited versions/unlimited
Reasons to buy
+Supports an unlimited number of computers per account+Includes file-sharing and folder-syncing options+Full-featured desktop application
Reasons to avoid
-No two-factor authentication option for web login -Slow file syncing-Doesn’t offer unlimited backup 

SpiderOak One Backup’s strength lies in its security features. It has a no-knowledge policy, meaning the solution has absolutely no way to view or access any of your files. Your files will be encrypted, meaning only the person (you) with the right encryption key (aka, password) has access to them. 

SpiderOak is a zero-knowledge provider and offers end-to-end encryption. This means that files are encrypted before they leave your computer or device and sent to SpiderOak’s servers, and only you have the decryption key required to read them. As a result, SpiderOak is never able to access your files, and should a hacker ever break into its systems, they would not be able to read your data either.

Additionally, traffic to and from its servers is protected by certificate pinning, a method that prevents middle-man attacks. 

The desktop app comes with a straightforward design, and the persistent storage bar at the bottom of the interface indicates how much storage you have left. SpiderOak prices by storage amounts, so keeping track of this number is important.

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