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A range of the top three flip phones.
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Nostalgic tech is back in fashion, as seen by the recent rise of the humble flip phone. Clamshell-style folding phones were most popular in the early 2000s, but continue to be the mobile of choice for those who don't enjoy feature-packed smartphones or need to step away from modern woes like social media. We've ranked the best flip phones based on design, connectivity, features, and value based on our own experience with them and customer reviews. 

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The best flip phones available now

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How should I choose the best flip phone

If you're buying a new flip phone, you need to ask yourself a few key things.

Firstly, exactly how feature-packed do you want it to be? You could buy an older flip phone for cheap, but newer ones come with useful services like WhatsApp, cameras and cool games that older ones do.

Secondly, what balance between durability and fashion do you want the phone to make? Some devices aren't quite lookers, but can be durable to survive plenty of drops.

Price is another important factor too - obviously, the more you spend, the more you get, but some people might be happy getting the cheapest device they can in order to save cash.

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