The best iPad stands in December 2023

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Whether for drawing, writing or displaying, the best iPad stands will grant you new perspectives on Apple's versatile tablets.

Whatever your needs, there are plenty of different iPad stand form factors to choose from that each provide unique benefits and uses. Whether you need something highly versatile, sturdy, or with greater height options. We've considered these varying needs as well as the build quality, value for money and compatibility to help you choose the best iPad stand for your needs.

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The best iPad stands available now

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How should I choose the best iPad stand for me?

The best iPad stand for you will largely depend on what you want to do with it. If you only want to use your iPad to watch films or other media, then you probably just need a device that can hold it still in the position that you need. What form that takes may depend on where you want to use your iPad – for example, if you want to use your iPad in bed or lying on a sofa, a gooseneck iPad stand can be useful

If you want to write or draw on your iPad or to otherwise use the touchscreen, then you might need something that will hold the device more firmly so that it won't wobble when you touch the screen. For that, you have versatile options like the Twelve South Hoverbar Duo at the top of our selection or the Twelve South ParcSlope if you're looking for an iPad stand that's super stable for drawing.

You also need to check the size compatibility of each stand. Some stands are broadly compatible and will fit any iPad but others are designed for specific models. Some stands come in different versions for different sized devices, so you need to check you order the right one. You can check our guide to the iPad generations if you're not sure of the difference between the various iPad models.

How do I elevate my iPad

Many iPad stands will elevate your iPad, including most of the selections above. To test how much elevation you need, try holding your iPad in the place you want it to be and measuring the distance from a surface such as your desk or the floor. Some of the best iPad stands, including our top pick, the Twelve South HoverBar Duo, enable you to adjust to a range of different heights.

Do I need a tablet stand?

Holding an iPad for a long period of time can cause back and neck pain, and be quite annoying. We recommend using an iPad stand designed for the tasks you most use your iPad for, whether that's reading, drawing or watching films in bed. Our list above has a range of options for a range of different uses.

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