The best USB-C mouse in September 2023

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Opting for one of the best USB-C mouse options is a good choice today whether it's for a PC, laptop or tablet. USB-C is standard on new laptops, and this newer format can plug in either way up, as opposed to USB-A, which could take a couple of attempts to plug in.

We've been reviewing laptops and PCs for over a decade, and mice with them. In our guide below, we've made our picks of the best USB-C mouse options for different needs and budgets, including the best cheap USB-C mouse and the best USB-C mouse for Mac. Based on our reviews and a thorough comparison of specs, we've evaluated each for pressure sensitivity (DPI), productivity-enhancing features like programmable buttons, ergonomics, portability and value.

For more options, see our choices of the best mouse overall. We also have a guide to the best mouse for MacBook. And for more USB-C devices, see our roundups of the best USB-C monitors and the best power banks.

The best USB-C mouse options available now

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How should I choose the best USB-C mouse?

The first thing to consider when choosing the best USB-C mouse for you is whether you want a wireless or wired mouse. Wireless mice are now the norm, and most of our picks for the best USB-C mouse are wireless. They have the advantage of being, well, wireless, so you don't have a cable dragging across your desk. The downside however is that they require batteries, which will need charging or replacing at some point. 

A lot of the negatives that wireless mice used to suffer from have now been resolved: they're no longer so bulky as they used to be, and the batteries can now usually last for months. That said, we have also included the best wired USB-C mice because with a wireless USB-C mouse. Wired USB-C mice are still usually lighter, and they never need to be charged.

The other thing to consider when choosing the best USB-C mouse is DPI, which here refers to a mouse's sensitivity. The higher the DPI, the further your pointer travels in response to each movement. Some gaming mice offer a DPI of up to 25,000, which seems impressive but is actually unusable; for everyday use, a DPI of around 1,000 should be more than adequate. Most of the best USB-mouse options have adjustable DPI so you can modify the level of sensitivity.

What USB-C mouse is most comfortable to use?

Finally, you need to consider size and shape. Our pick as the best USB-C mouse overall is a little bulky and might not be the best option if you want something you can slip into a bag to use on the go. That's why we've also included some smaller mice. Many people find these less precise and less comfortable to use during long sessions, but they're handy if you need a mouse that you can throw in a bag to carry with you.

Even the best cheap USB-C mouse won't be the best when it comes to ergonomics. A larger mouse that's designed to fit the hand will be more comfortable. To take things further, some people swear by vertical mice, which are designed to put less pressure on the wrist.

How we chose the best USB-C mouse options for this guide

We've reviewed a wide range of mice, testing them with a range of devices for different tasks, from general everyday productivity to gaming and creative work. We've compared the different options on the market in terms of their technical specs but also practical comfort and ergonomics in use. To make the choices for the guide above, we've chosen the best USB-C mouse for different needs, from the best cheap USB-C mouse to the best top-of-the-range model and the best ergonomic USB-C mouse, suitable for using through a full day of work.

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