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Kids' desk: the best deals on children's desks and kids' desk with chair from Walmart and more

Kids' desk and kids' desks with chairs
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Buying a kid's desk by itself, or kid's desk with a chair, may be an essential addition to the classroom set up this year, with 'back to school' for some potentially meaning 'back to the front room'.

So we've put together our top kids desk list below, with some particular features in mind: durability, quality, affordability and ease of use among them. A child's desk will be super important in the coming months, as it'll be the main piece of furniture they'll be using, as they sit for (fingers crossed) long periods at a time. And so it's essential that the kids desk that you choose is the right height for your little one, can take the rough and tumble of a young, enthusiastic student, and is easily cleaned should things get messy around lunch time.

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Here are some of the best deals on kids desks on offer right now.

The best kids' desks in the US

The best kids' desks in UK

If you want to browse more great kids desk and chair options, check out our selection here... 

What makes a great kids desk?

There are plenty of things to think of before buying a kid's desk, including price, build quality, aesthetics, not to mention how big your kids is and what they'll mainly be using it for. 

All the desks on this page will come with exact measurements, and we advise that you take the time to make sure that whatever small person that will be using the desk can easily get their elbows onto the desktop.

Also consider some of the models here that have extended legs, as adults may very well want to use the desk when their kids aren't (if not as a primary desk then as a handy note-taking space, for example).

As we've picked only the desks that we think hit all the above criteria, we hope you're confident in buying your next kids desk. 

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