3 ways to find clients that value you

There are a number of things that can affect you finding new clients; a good work ethic, cracking creative resume, for example. But how do you find the good ones? WordPress developer Lara Schenck has this advice for finding clients that value a designer's work:

01. Double your rate

How to find clients double rate

Ask for more money: expensive is good

In my experience, it comes down to budget. More money means more risk, so your clients (and you) will take the relationship more seriously. Save up a few months' living expenses and experiment with your pricing and process: appearing busy and expensive is attractive. Use any client-less time for blogging and public projects.

02. Talk to people

How to find clients network

Boost your network

I've never gotten client work from a job board, and I've also never had a bad client. My best projects have come from referrals from real people. Talk about what you do and be stoked about it.

03. Invest in conferences

How to find clients conferences

Conferences are worth the time and money

Pick a conference and set aside the cash. What you learn and the conversations you'll have will be invaluable, and in turn make you more valuable as a service provider.

Words: Lara Schenck

Lara is an independent WordPress developer and teacher based in NYC. This article originally appeared in issue 277 of net magazine.

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