8 free newsletter templates


Getting the design of your newsletter right is an extremely important affair. It's the first thing your subscribers see and the one design that will represent you in email inboxes throughout the world. Start experimenting with this range of free newsletter templates.

01. Email Monks MailChimp Master Template

A massive template that you can cut to fit your needs

A massive template that you can cut to fit your needs

This could be your go-to template for lots of different email newsletters, because it has a huge number of different block styles all crammed into one document - just delete the ones you don’t want. It works with over 40 emails clients and is easy to integrate with MailChimp.

02. Pook: Newsletter

Simple, reliable newsletter template that has been tested thoroughly

Simple, reliable newsletter template that has been tested thoroughly

If you're building any kind of email campaign you should check out Litmus, as it will help you to test your email to ensure that it breaks as little as possible. There's a great community that will help if you get stuck, and lots of useful resources. Pook: Newsletter is one of a suite of free, reliable templates on the on the Litmus site. 

03. Mooza

Free newsletter template

Get all your latest news across in this simplistic newsletter design from Pixel Hint

Created by the team at Pixel Hint, Mooza is a clean, flat, pixel perfect free newsletter template, suited to all creative disciplines.

04. Campaign Monitor

Free newsletter template

Roll your own template quickly and easy

In a rush? Campaign Monitor promises that with its online template builder you can create an HTML template in under 60 seconds. All its templates are fully tested and mobile ready, and once you're done you can either download it for free or upload it to a Campaign Monitor account.

05. ZURB

free newsletter templates

An ideal range of newsletter templates for those who want to customise further

ZURB has a range of free templates available, including this newsletter. Each template is packaged with a separate CSS stylesheet and HTML file. If you're adding images, you'll need to create and compress a separate folder with the CSS stylesheet before you upload.

06. Antwort

free newsletter templates

Antwort's newsletter templates work on all devices

Originally made for transactional emails with dynamic content, the Antwort layouts are thoroughly tested – in live environments with real data and edge cases. They work across all devices too!

07. 99Designs

free newsletter templates

Pick your favourite colour with this free newsletter template

99Designs ran a contest asking designers to create three irresistible templates in four colour options for its customers to download and send out. Each provides a newsletter template, a promotional template and a template for email notifications, and is available in green, blue, orange and grey.

08. Email campaign

Free newsletter template

Email Campaign features all the bits and bobs your newsletter needs

A free, responsive newsletter template, Email Campaign features a large hero image, multiple columns and different content sections in order to fully convey any information to subscribers.

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