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Free tool helps you decide freelance rates

Web Design Quotation Generator

Make an informed decision about what rate to set

Last month we told you about a free tool, the Web Design Quotation Generator, to save you time and energy while hunting for freelance work. And now the good people behind product management app BeeWits have launched another great free tool to make your life as an independent contractor even easier.

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The Hourly Rate Calculator is a simple tool that will help you calculate how much you need to charge per hour based on the lifestyle you plan to have and expenses associated with your web design freelancing work.

Just type your expected income and expenses into the form on the Beewits website. Hit the 'Calculate My Hourly Rate' button, and the app then calculates the hourly rate you should be charging.

Easy to use

The Hourly Rate Calculator is one of those great tools that is simple to use, but can really help you get things clear in your head about whether you can really survive as a freelancer.

So many designers leaving safe jobs for the independent life simply assume they'll earn enough to live on. Don't make that assumptions – instead use this tool so you can make an informed choice before taking the plunge.

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