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Win more work with this free design quote tool

A simple way to generate design quotes

A simple way to generate design quotes

There's nothing we creatives hate more than spending our time on boring admin. But it has to be done, so the people behind product management app BeeWits have kindly created a free tool to help us out with a very common task.

The designer's guide to working from home

"We're an online marketing agency that also handles web design/development projects for clients," explains product manager David Attard. "We found that most of the time we were either under-estimating how much work went into a project or else finding it hard to explain the final cost to a client."

"By quoting with a breakdown of all the costs that go into the design and development of a site we managed to increase our revenue and customer satisfaction accordingly. So we built a free tool that web developers all over the world can use to build estimates for their clients for free: the Web Design Quote Generator."

How it works

Enter your details and customise the look if you like

Enter your details and customise the look if you like

Essentially, you enter your own details, those of the client, and then enter the quantities and (hourly) rate against each item. To give the quotation some personality, you can specify your own logo and an accent colour which will be used to generate the quotation.

If you don't want to show the exact wordings, they can be switched off in the final quote. When "Generate my quote" is pressed, the quote is generated and sent to the email address specified.

The company is also currently working on a tool to help freelancers establish their hourly rates and an ebook to help web designers and developers quote sensibly (a tool is a good start, but understanding the process in its entirety is even better). Both will be free too, so watch this space and we'll let you know when they're released.

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