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What to do if you don’t like your day job

If you don't like your work, quit. It's April: the holidays are over. You're back at work. Your boss is still in the Bahamas. Your creative director still has zero self-distance and 100 per cent self-confidence. What do you do?

Well, there's really only one step for analysis and then a choice of two options (unless you already love your work).

01. Analyse your situation

What bores you? Why do you feel stressed, like an attention-seeking Justin Bieber fan waiting outside a hotel? Wasn't this year supposed to be yours, like you said at 00:01am on New Year's Eve?

2(a). Deal with your problems

Make your current workplace and situation better. Smile to annoying people instead of secretly fantasy-axing them. Tell your boss that things will change drastically with you from now on. Basically try one last time and do it as good as you can.

2(b). Quit your job.

Simple as that! Just to be clear, life isn't about work, it's about living. You sleep 36 per cent of your life, so get a great bed. You work 16 per cent of your life, so make sure you enjoy it.

Today there are a lot of opportunities for creatives. You're 'allowed' to jump around between employers to make a career. There's multiple forums where you can get discovered as a freelancer.

There are thousands of people from our industry that set up their own businesses, stores and apps. And guess what? Most of them succeed because they are creative people with drive – just like you. So make sure you hit the rest of this year the way you should: the way you want to!

In other news…

As we reported in Computer Arts 236 back in January, LEGO is rebuilding its headquarters in – guess what? – giant LEGO bricks. That's fantastic. And soon you can build your own home using the bricks as well. Being huge fans of Lego art, we can't wait.

Jack Albert Trew made a manual blood centrifuge using wheels on a bike, no electricity needed. It's not 110 per cent perfect but it's nonetheless innovative and admirable.

Enemy of the month: Designers who for some reason think they're architects. These are the serious designers who wear black polos and have sticks up their bums; who can't speak at a normal language level and in official statements are always super-serious, as if their kerned Helvetica is comparable to Mozart's symphonies, Ray Eames' architecture or Van Gogh's paintings.

Thumbs up: Recently, a creative director from a major agency told us that successful politically right-wing artists/creatives don't exist. We couldn't agree more.

Thumbs down: Here's a business idea. Create good-looking conference phones. They all look like props from a 90s sci-fi film – big and made of plastic. Colour? Ash-grey or sperm-white. Jesus. Really? In 2015?

Words: Fredrik Öst, Snask

Snaskified is a recurring column by Snask, an internationally renowned creative agency that strives to challenge the industry by doing things differently. The team worship unconventional ideas, charming smiles and real emotions, and see the old conservative world as extremely tedious and the world's biggest enemy.

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