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Become a graffiti artist.

Street art has a massive influence on the graphic design scene. It affects the many different graphic ,disciplines, and touches all forms of design - just look in your local newsagent, on yourTV, the Internet or your nearest record store. It's plain to see that the 'graffiti style' is becoming very popular indeed, and will soon dominate many visual campaigns.

It's relatively simple to create images within this style, especially with Photoshop. By using only the Gaussian Blur filter, the Paths tools, the Cloning tool, and the clever use of layers, we show you how to create a 'graffic' illustration. We start this tutorial by sketching a typographic graff piece, to plan the overall composition. Then we show you the best way to 'perfect' your image, which is done by using the Paths tools in Photoshop like a drawing package such as FreeHand.

After the perfection of the shapes, we use the cloning tool as a spray-can, to get that distinctive rough edge that graffiti art is famous for. And finally, we give tips on how to get great final touches to your overall piece.

Don't get caught in the street breaking the law - follow our tutorial and create cool graffiti pieces in the comfort of your own studio!

Click here to download the tutorial for free