CA Inspiration - 11 November

Phew! We made it to the end of another week! I still have a newsletter to make before the day's out, so I'll have to love you and leave you. More on Monday, usual rules: fire stuff at me via Twitter, or just click this and paste in your link.

Steven Bonner Legion magazine

Steven Bonner - Legion magazine

Duan Jungi Luxemburg

Duan Jungi - Luxemburg

Sebastin Andaur and Chris Halderman Gladiator

Sebastin Andaur and Chris Halderman - Gladiator

James Gilbert - Found Things - via Matt Booth

Modern Style Labs Lights Water and Shapes

Modern Style Labs - Lights, Water and Shapes - via Per Gustafsson

Bridget Butler Naive Super

Bridget Butler - Naive Super

Vincent Lammers - Showreel 2011

Mimi Mashud Webkraf

Mimi Mashud - Webkraf - via Zam Nayan

Werner Fismer Emo Pickle

Werner Fismer - Emo Pickle

The Material Group - Happy Halloween