CA Inspiration - 13 October

Some big hitters have weighed in today with things for you to enjoy - we've had contributions from Tom Lane, Brendan Dawes and Tom Muller, and Oliver Sin's becoming a bit of a regular with his daily video finds. I'm not fussy who you are; just keep the inspiration coming and we can do this all again tomorrow. As ever, submit your things via Twitter, and here's a handy link to make it easy.

Julia Broughton Hipster Owl

Julia Broughton - Hipster Owl

Tom Lane Caesarion

Tom Lane - Caesarion

Dan Jones 4 59

Dan Jones - 4:59 - via Kuzey

Anneli Olander - Ink Vlog

Archan Nair Bottle Full of Wonder Tree Oil

Archan Nair - Bottle Full of Wonder Tree Oil - via Laura Keener

Typetoken iPhone lock screens

Typetoken - iPhone lock screens - via Mike Sullivan

Natalie Hughes Beautiful Bristol

Natalie Hughes - Beautiful Bristol

Sifteo - via Brendan Dawes

CRCR - Junkspace - via Oliver Sin

Kukubee Come Home Deer

Kukubee - Come Home Deer

Mike Harrison Philadelphia

Mike Harrison - Philadelphia

Maebh Costello Growing Up

Maebh Costello - Growing Up

Tim Muller 3D Playground

Tim Muller - 3D Playground - via Tom Muller

Mike Doyle Victorian on Mud Heap

Mike Doyle - Lego: Victorian on Mud Heap via Design Assassin