CA Inspiration - 21 November

In one of those strange occasional bits of synchronicity we sometimes get around here, there are two soapy bits of inspiration today - Denis Carroll's soap packaging just below then, further down, Trust Design's citrus-fresh designs for King of Shaves. Who knows when we'll see more similarly coincidental sets of imagery? Increase the odds by sending things in, via Twitter, or just click this and paste in your link.

Denis Carroll Skir soap packaging

Denis Carroll - Skir soap packaging

Disent Threshold

Disent - Threshold

Mario Brito Bruno porque voc fez isso

Mario Brito - Bruno, porque voc fez isso?

Punga - Nokia Smart Data - via Oliver Sin

Boom Artwork Ray Ban

Boom Artwork - Ray-Ban - via Wilem

Scott MacDonald Untitled

Scott MacDonald - Untitled - via Linda Coulter

Stefan Breukers Beautiful Loser

Stefan Breukers - Beautiful Loser

Trust Design Zing

Trust Design - Zing

Nick Patchitt London Calling

Nick Patchitt - London Calling - via Craig Freeman

FLA - The Loner - via Sara