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Create a waste paper bin

Paper models have been around for centuries, probably as early as the days of papyrus paper. In China, paper was used for kites over 2,000 years ago, and paper models of all kinds are still popular in many countries today. Called paper-card modelling in Europe, it spans the range from simple folded paper objects to complex three-dimensional models of aeroplanes, ships, buildings and so on.

Paper-card is the key material for this medium, so it's relatively cheap, easy to produce and process, and it can be recycled after use.

Here at Waste, we use paper models to create eye-catching packaging and promotional objects. It's cheap, easy and effective and offers an alternative to flat graphics. Add to this some great print techniques, and the final outcome will give you a great novelty item you can send out to your clients and friends.

In the following tutorial, we show you how to create a wheelie bin flatpack template, keeping it as simple as possible so it can be put together with minimum cuts and folds. Then you can add the finer detail to the net to give it a greater three-dimensional feel, and use your own sketches and ideas to create a custom toy you can put together to show off and use.

Click here to download the support files ( 3MB)

Click here to download the tutorial for free