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Design a digital tablecloth

All you have to do to enter the Time To Get Creative competiton is to come up with a stunning design for the E-Table digital tablecloths that Inamo St. James has installed. The winning design will appear on the restaurant's tablecloths for six months - and you can even sneak your studio's logo on there somewhere, so diners know who it's by.

To make things even easier, you can download Photoshop and JPEG templates from the Inamo St. James website so you can get started on your design. You can see all of the entries submitted so far on the Inamo Tablecloth selection Facebook page.

The closing date for entries is Tuesday 17 April 2012. Entries have to be uploaded to the restaurant's Facebook page to qualify.

What is an E-Table?

The E-Table is an interactive food ordering system, which enables diners to choose what they want to eat from an illustrated food and drinks menu which appears on each table's top.

Diners can set their own ambience or find out more about the local area by calling up the relevant menus on the E-Table's user interface. You can even see what's going on in the kitchen using the Chefcam or play interactive games while you wait for your food. You can see the Inamo St. James E-Table in action here.

Inamo St. James is an oriental fusion restaurant and bar located on Regent Street at the heart of London's West End. It's the first place in the world to use the E-Table interactive menu ordering system.