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Improve your sustainable credentials

What does sustainable design mean to you?
A lot of people see sustainability as a way to make a profit or attract new clients, but are they really committed? We have a small team and use freelancers when necessary, which reduces power consumption. We work out of a shared space and are careful about things like waste and recycling.

What are the considerations for making your design process more sustainable?
The ideal is to use 100 per cent post-consumer waste for print projects and take care over what’s in the binding and on the cover. If it’s digital, look at whether you can save power by cutting down the website or digital file size.

What things should you consider when you’re choosing a hosting company?
Look at the company holistically. Has it got its ethics in place? How does it power its server farm – is it using wind power, biomass or just scooping electricity off the grid? We often use Ecohost.

How do you ensure that prospective clients align with your values?
We want to know about their ethics. Are they proactive in trying to change things? Clients we’ve worked with include renewal energy firm Mainstream and the Australian social enterprise Human Ventures.

Graphic designer, web developer and partner at sustainable design agency Meadow, Daryl has spent time working with a sustainable social enterprise in Australia.