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Nine essential items every freelancer needs

You’re going to need some kit to make your freelance dream happen, but every penny counts during the early days so streamline your spending and save the designer chair until you’re more established. Here’s what you need…

1. iMac
Get an up-to-date iMac so you can produce excellent work and remember to factor in all the peripherals – including an external hard drive. For around £1,200 / $1,500 you should be able to kit yourself out with a decent basic set-up that you can upgrade as you become more established.

2. Creative Suite
It’s not cheap, but it is essential. It’s a rare freelancer who succeeds without the requisite suite of Adobe programs. A full Creative Cloud subscription is £50/$50 per month.

3. Office chair
Tempting though it is to balance your laptop on your duvet, your back will thank you for buying a decent swivel chair. Expect to pay around £75-100 for a model that’s supportive but won’t break the bank.

4. Notepad
Trust us, you’re going to need to write stuff down. What did your client say about that thing with the stuff? Exactly.

5. Wacom tablet
The sort of useful thing you need your boss to provide. You’re now your boss, so you’ll need to buy this yourself. You can find an affordable Intuous 5 Medium on Amazon.

6. Post-its
Useful for remembering things, and avoiding them. Because writing ‘tax return’ on a Post-it is almost the same as doing it.

7. Smartphone
Access all manner of handy apps and let push notifications free you from the worry of missing important emails.

8. Memo board
Brighten up your workspace with tear sheets and fun stuff. You don’t have to stare at the computer the whole time, you know.

9. Resources
How else will you get your fill of daily inspiration, technique and industry news, if you’re working on your own all day? Aside from Computer Arts, here are some handy resources for keeping your finger on the creative pulse...

Do you agree? Let us know what your essential freelance items are in the coments section below, or via Facebook or Twitter.

Illustration: Luke O'Neill
Artice first posted inside: The Freelance Handbook
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