OFFF 2012: CA talks to the master of mixed-media, Nico Casavecchia

You might have seen Buildings and Vampires, Argentine filmmaker Nico Casavecchia’s charming tribute to Where the Wild Things Are. The Buenos Aires-born, New York-based creative is a master of mixed media: he specialises in combining foreign elements and bringing them together in harmony. Here's what hapened when we spoke to him at OFFF 2012...

Computer Arts: Who are you and what do you do?
Nico Casavecchia:
I’m in a journey to understand what I do and who I really am. But I guess the protocol answer to that question would be: I'm Nico Casavecchia, an Argentine filmmaker who currently lives in New York, and I have fun drawing and creating films.

CA: Your portfolio is very varied – would you say you have a style?
I try to avoid style and give every problem the solution that suits it better. But when I look back I guess I'm interested in the intersection of things; what you would call a mixed-media approach.

Nico Casavecchia co-directed Buildings and Vampires with Sebas & Clim founder Sebastian Baptista

CA: What inspires you?
I love to be challenged by a project. I'm self-taught and other's people work has been always a huge motivation for me. And change – trying new things and exposing myself to the things that scare me.

CA: What is your 'I've made it' moment?
When I wake up from a dream thinking that I have a great idea. I usually confirm later in the day that my uncle Luis riding an amphibious golf kart in a huge swimming pool doesn't stand for a good film concept. And the ‘I've made it’ moment is gone.

CA: What's your favourite project in your portfolio so far?
My favourite project was writing and directing a promo piece for the Slamdance festival in the US. It was a great challenge and I enjoyed the whole process of it. I love the freedom to work and collaborating with other people. The Slamdance project had both.

CA: Given the choice of anyone in the world, who would you collaborate with – and why?
I can think of about 2,000 people right now. I'll randomly pick from them: Andy Kaufman. I would love to direct one of his scripts for a feature film.

CA: What have you got coming up over the next few months?
I’ve just move to New York and I'll be directing for 1st Avenue Machine. It's an amazing opportunity to be around such talented people. I hope in the following months I'll have stuff to show for it.

CA: What are the benefits for creatives of attending events like OFFF?
You walk in idealising something; you walk out feeling that everybody faces the same problems. I think that's inspiring. We are all in hell together.

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