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Perfect promo items and gifts

No matter what your best instincts may tell you, remember this one golden rule: everyone, no matter how grand or powerful, loves an unusual promotional item.

From national newspaper art directors, to the person holding the marketing budget at your local insurance company, hit them with something well designed, funny or just plain cool and they're going to smile. This means they'll remember your name and mentally file your sticker/t-shirt/postcard/plastic toy away, until they need to call on your services.

With this in mind, getting your promotional item right is a crucial process. It will need to be well designed, well realised and well manufactured. The design and concept is up to you, but there are right and wrong ways of getting your design to look its best on your chosen medium. In this project, we'll show you how to avoid mistakes, keep your printer and manufacturer happy, and really make every penny you spend work hard for you.

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