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Studio Music

Want to get inside the heads of top designers? Here's one way to do it - Studio Music asks top names in art and design what they listen to while they're working, and then turns their answers into playlists that you can listen to in your browser.

It's a brilliant idea, like an online Desert Island Discs for designers that cuts down on the chat and doesn't fade the songs out after a minute. What you do get, though, is a few words from each designer about each song, which you can read while you listen. We're delighted to note that Mr Bingo loved Chase & Status' amazing rave-inspired Blind Faith video as much as we did.

Studio Music updates with two new playlists every week, and there's already a huge backlog of listening material for you from such names as Peter Blake, Adrian Shaughnessy, Tracy Emin, Lawrence Zeegen and Stella McCartney. Just make sure you have a reasonably up-to-date version of Quicktime installed.