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Teach yourself the art of paper cutting with this e-course

If you're a fan of paper art and keen to try it for yourself, Jonathan Chapman, AKA top papercut chap Mr Yen, has just the thing for you. We've previously mentioned his Teach Yourself to Papercut ebook; now he's outdone himself with a full e-course that you can download today.

Covering everything from the history of paper cutting and its basic techniques, through to practical tips for building a profitable career out of your own papercut art, Mr Yen's e-course features the deluxe edition of the original Teach Yourself to Papercut ebook, four detailed lessons with at least three activities for each lesson, a DIY papercut flower ebook, over 30 templates, a tools and materials checklist and more.

The course will cost you £47 – in comparison, Mr Yen explains that he charges £30 for two-hour workshop in which he only has time to explain the basics of paper cutting – and is available to download today. Find out more here.

Jim McCauley

Jim McCauley is a writer, cat-wrangler and occasional street performer who's written for a multitude of publications over the past quarter of a century, including Creative Bloq, T3, PC Gamer and a whole load of long-dead print magazines.