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Truly Design's Medusa mural

Italian studio Truly Design, creator of street art-inspired work for the likes of Martini, DC and Nike, came up with this intriguing mural based on ancient Greek mythology.

According to legend, those who look the Gorgon Medusa - a she-monster with snakes for hair - directly in the eye will be turned to stone.

Playing with this idea, collective members Ninja1 and Mach505 created a black, white and red illustrative mural that can only be viewed from one vantage point.

The Medusa mural breaks up from different angles

The Medusa mural breaks up from different angles

As the viewer walks around the image to look at it from different angles, it breaks up into a series of abstract shapes and forms.

The piece is currently brightening up a disused factory that has been playing host to the Sub Urb Art exhibition, an Italian festival exploring the links between street art and urban regeneration.