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Every designer needs these door hangers

Creative door hangers

These amusing designer door hangers can be downloaded and printed

Distraction can be the enemy of creativity, wiping ingenious ideas from your head before you've had the chance to note them down. We've already shared tips on how to stay focussed on your work, but these door hangers for designers are perfect for stopping other people from getting in your way.

Designed by the team at Creative Market, these door hangers put a hilarious spin on the traditional 'Do not disturb' warning. With their blunt messages, these honest hangers are so accurate we think they have to be channelling a lot of real life experience.

There are 10 humorous hangers to choose from, which you can download and print for free. Do you think these hangers will save you from distraction? Explore the selection below and tell us what you think.

Designer door hangers

How many creatives can relate to this?

Designer door hanger

If you're going to criticize, make sure it's constructive

Designer door hanger

Useful advice is always welcome

Designer door hanger

Some days just weren't made for feedback

Designer door hanger

Never lock out your inspiration

[Via Design Taxi]

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