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Stock library brings photographers and digital artists together

Following two successful seasons of campaigns promoting innovation, education, and artistic expression around the globe, Fotolia - one of the world’s leading stock photo agencies - has launched the third season of its creative TEN Collection.

This season splits 10 featured artists into five artistic couples: an internationally renowned photographer and an equally renowned graphic artist. Together, they will create a unique piece of art that explores their vision of the future.

The works of art they produce will be made available for free and will contain their techniques and source files, so everyone can learn from them.

"Not only is the photographer an essential part of the creative process, he/she is also the launching point of our success," explains Fotolia’s CEO, Oleg Tscheltzoff. "That is why we wish to honor them, through this new and exciting season of the TEN project, focusing on skills-sharing and creative professions.

A PSD file complete with all layers, filters, metering, camera settings and Fotolia images will be shared by the artists in March, May, July, September and November. On the 10th of these months, the files will be available as a free download for 24 hours from

As an additional treat, three images taken during the photo shoot will also be included for free and later made available for purchase on the Fotolia website.

TEN campaign followers can sign up on from February 24 and will receive notifications when the files are available for download via the newsletter. Additionally, Fotolia Facebook fans will get a further 24 hours to download the free PSD.

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