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This harrowing magazine cover is unlike any you've seen before

Cosmopolitan cover

The cover was designed by advertising agency Leo Burnett

You could argue that Cosmopolitan aren't known for their innovative cover designs; often showcasing a celebrity admist an array of eye-catching headlines, they've never done anything quite like their latest offering. Designed by advertising agency Leo Burnett, the cover aims to raise awareness of 'honour-killings'.

It's part of a campaign for Karma Nirvana, the UK charity that helps victims of 'honour'-based violence, with this image highlighting the death of 17-year-old Shafilea Ahmed – a British-Pakistani woman who was suffocated and murdered by her parents, in front of her siblings, after she refused an arranged marriage back in 2004.

The photo was taken by Erin Mulvehill, with the magazine encased in plastic to hone in on the devastating influence. Karma Nirvana and Cosmo, in partnership with the Henry Jackson Society, are organizing an inaugural Day of Memory for Britain's Lost Women, which will take place on July 14th — the date of Shafilea Ahmed's birthday.

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