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QUIZ: What colour best describes your personality?

Have you ever wondered what colour suits you best? Maybe creative directors are suited to blue and art directors more a shade of green? We can tell you're dying to know which unique colour matches your unique personality. Well wonder no more, friends. Take out fun colour quiz and discover your exact shade.

What colour describes you?

  • Red 032 C – Check. You. Out. Confident and strong, you match this warm, passionate and sexy shade of red perfectly.
  • Blue 286 C – Calm and wise (well, mostly). Some people are more productive and focused surrounded by the colour blue. And you, dear friend, are one of them.
  • Orange 021 C – There's nothing calm about this colour – or you, for that matter. Vibrant, energetic and playful, like this gorgeous shade of orange, you always make your mark.
  • Purple 266 C – Oozing with sophistication, you excel at problem solving and strive for absolute perfection.
  • Pink 806 C – Genuine, considerate and smooth, you're so full of charm you could sweet-talk clients into anything.
  • Yellow 108 U – Intelligent, highly communicative and logical, you have no problem expressing your ideas.
Kerrie Hughes

Kerrie Hughes is editor of Creative Bloq. Kerrie was staff writer for 3D World magazine before joining the original Creative Bloq team in 2012. Since then she's written regularly for other publications, including ImagineFX, 3D World and Computer Arts magazines.