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You'll love this ingenious interactive Instagram art


Created by Carl Storey, the illustrator wants to bring a little joy to people's feeds

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has become a tour-de-force in creativity, photography, graphic design and illustration. With millions of users across the globe, the platform allows artists and photographers to showcase their work in ways that they couldn't previously. But what if it was a bit more interactive?

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ARTBEATS is an ingenious project that utilises Instagram's 'like' button to create the finishing touches to illustrations. Created by London-based advertising creative Carl Storey, the illustrations include cute cats, the legendary 'I ❤ NY' logo, and playing cards.

"The idea is to give people little squares of joy in their Instagram feed everyday," explains Storey. If you look through the feed, that's certainly the case; you'll be hard-pressed not to crack a smile with each and every 'like'. Take a look at some of our favourites below and be sure to try it out for yourself! You can follow the account on Instagram by searching 'artbeats' or the full username artbeats01.



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