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Flickr reveals ‘slick’ HTML5 uploader

In a post on the Flickr Development Blog, Scott Schiller has revealed the company is "raising the bar on web uploads". He explained that in the early days, the Flickr website relied on a simple form that enabled only six file inputs; as the site grew, it moved to a Flash/HTML hybrid, for batch uploads. But Schiller said this system wasn't designed to tackle much beyond uploads, which has reinforced uploading and organisation as two separate actions when using Flickr's web-based UI.

Flickr's new uploader, said Schiller, is "pretty slick, and is more desktop application-like than ever before, [bringing] us closer to the idea of a one-stop 'upload and organise' experience". New features include: the ability to drag-and-drop files; EXIF thumbnails being shown in the UI almost immediately; a fluid photo grid that shows thumbnails and lightbox previews; inline editing of metadata and rotation; an editor panel for batch editing of information; and an info mode for quick overviews of pending edits.

According to Schiller, a "small book could probably be written on the process, prototypes and technology decisions made during the development of this uploader," but he specifically enthused about HTML5 and CSS3, which, respectively, enabled things like EXIF thumbnail parsing and rich graphic design with only minimal use of images.

The new uploader is, at the time of writing, being gradually rolled out, and a video of a beta is available to view if you cannot yet view the update.

Image credit: Scott Schiller.