The best Herman Miller Aeron prices for March 2024

Herman Miller Aeron chairs around a desk
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You're here for the lowest Herman Miller Aeron prices available, and that's what you'll find on this page. The Aeron is one of Herman Miller's finest office chairs, combining iconic cool with ergonomic chops, and even though it's one of the most popular high-end office chairs out there, you will find some tasty Herman Miller Aeron deals now and again. 

To give you a bit of history, Herman Miller has been making furniture for over 100 years, and the Aeron is seen rightly as one of the best of its designs, getting its first release by the company back in 1994. Built from quality materials, recently including ocean-bound plastics, and designed for a wide range of body types, the Aeron stands alongside the Mirra 2 as the company's most popular office chair. Want to know which is better? Check out our page on Herman Miller Mirra 2 vs Aeron. Then you can always see the best Herman Miller Mirra 2 prices when you've decided. 

In short, we highly rate the Herman Miller Aeron. It's a piece of furniture design art that's built beautifully. Importantly, it's also highly ergonomic, so you're posture and back health will benefit from sitting in it. Want to know more about the best office chairs for back pain? We've got you covered. You can also have a look at some more great chair ideas in our overall guide to the overall best office chairs.

The best Herman Miller Aeron prices 

A Herman Miller Aeron chair in front of a table

(Image credit: Herman Miller)

Herman Miller Aeron

The iconic classic with ergonomic pedigree.

Size: 41 x 27 x 17 inches | Seat height: 16-20.5 inches | Max weight: 350 pounds | Warranty : 12 years

Extremely comfortable
Lots of adjustment options
Warranty is long
Massage and heating not essential

The Herman Miller Aeron is iconic when it comes to office chairs. First release in the mid-1990s, and having a redesign of sorts in 2016, it has featured in many films and TV shows over the years, bringing with it an effortless cool and high design. But the Herman Miller Aeron isn't all about looks. 

The Aeron also happens to be an incredibly comfortable chair, and as such it sits high in the list of our best office chair page. So what's a good Herman Miller Aeron price? Well, much like the best branded products, the Herman Miller Aeron tends to hold its retail price of $1,090 for the medium-sized chair, with a standard tilt, and unadjustable arms. Getting the lumbar support and adjustable arms will mean an added $800 (though shipping is free. 

Well, the best deals we've seen on the Herman Miller Aeron have dropped the price down by $200. That was around Christmas time, but if there are any meaningful Herman Miller Aeron price drops, you'll find them on this page, so keep it bookmarked. 

Herman Miller Aeron: price

The Herman Miller Aeron chair is currently sold on the Herman Miller site for $1,195/£1,214, though we've seen the chair go for sale just under the $1,000/£1,000 mark, especially around times of big retail events, such as President's Day or Memorial Day Sale 2022

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