The best Surface Go deals including low Surface Go 3 prices in February 2024

The Surface Go 3 with a copper keyboard.
(Image credit: Microsoft)

The Surface Go is a super popular laptop/tablet hybrid, and snagging a Surface Go deal is high on the list of kids and students who don't need the most powerful hybrid around, but one that still boasts plenty of features. 

And there are three options to chose from. Well, actually, we're going to concentrate on two here, and really the Surface Go 2 and the Surface Go 3 are currently the main models that are regularly seeing great Surface Go deals (the original model is a little out of date at time of writing).

So what constitutes a good Surface Go deal? Well, the Surface Go 2 first came out in May 2020 and would set you back $399/£369 for the entry-level model, which came with 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage. Today, we're seeing a lot lower than that, bringing the entry-level model price down to around $320 – with a record low recorded at $250. Check out ur sister title's review on the Go 2 for more details. 

The Surface Go 3 price, when it went on sale in 2021, was also $399/£369 for the entry model, and for that you got a better webcam and a lightweight chassis... and not much more (4GB RAM? Really?!) To check out why we'd recommend the Surface Go 2 over the more recent 3, check out our full Surface Go 3 review

If you've got more cash to spend, you might want to check out the lowest Surface Laptop Studio prices, but for the best Surface Go deals around, scroll down. 

The best Surface Go deals

Surface Go 2 product shot

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Surface Go 2

The best Surface Go option right now.

CPU: 11th Gen, i5 core | Graphics: Intel Iris Xe Graphics | RAM: 4GB - 8GB | Storage: 128GB - 256GB | Screen: 12.4-inch PixelSense 1536 x 1024p

Versatile hybrid tablet
Beautiful 12-inch touchscreen
Decent 720p webcam
Not that powerful

The Surface Go 2 is still the Go that we would recommend out of all the series, and that's because it was a great addition when it came out in 2020, and now that you can find it with some decent discounts on it, it's the best Surface Go deal around. 

The whole thing about the Surface Go 2 is that it's super portable, powerful enough for general use for kids and students, and it has a nice design. Make no mistake, this is not for professional creatives! There will be no graphic design worked on here, nor video editing projects worked on. But for those that want to swiftly browse and play basic games, whether that's in the laptop or tablet mode, the Go 2 is a great option. 

Perhaps most importantly, a big positive to the Go 2 is that because it's quite a bit lower in price than the more recent Go 3, you'll be able to buy the additional keyboard (no, it does not come with the tablet), without the price tag going into the realms of higher-spec laptop/tablet hybrids. 

The Microsoft Go 3 with red keyboard.

(Image credit: Microsoft)

Surface Go 3

An option if you want a better webcam.

CPU: 11th Gen, i5 core | Graphics: Intel Iris Xe Graphics | RAM: 4GB - 8GB | Storage: 128GB - 256GB

Good speakers
Updated webcam
Thick bezels
Expensive keyboard
Crappy battery life

The main reason we're not too generous in our appraisal of the Surface Go 3, is that we feel it has pretensions of being for more power-hungry users. What we love about the Surface Go 2 is that it knows exactly that it's for students that want to browse, stream the odd video and type up essays on its lovely keyboard. The Surface Go 3 looses sight of that, and with its not-particularly-touch-friendly Windows 11, kind of comes off badly because of it. 

If you try and use it for more higher-end tasks, such as photo editing, the speed and power is underwhelming. Add to that a pretty weak battery life when using higher end software like Photoshop, and the only way that we would recommend this hybrid laptop was if you found it way lower than it's original $399/£399 asking price – which is certainly possible (but even then, just go for the Go 2!). 

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