The best xTool M1 prices in February 2024

The xTool M1 on a table top, with a range of different cut materials around it.
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You're here to find the lowest xTool M1 prices, and that's exactly what we're going to bring you. We've put this page together so that it'll pull in all the live xTool deals as and when they go live, and we've got to say, there are some zingers! Take this one for example: right now you can get the xTool M1 down from $1,499 to just $999, saving you $500, over at xTool

As this is a craft machine, there are also some decent xTool M1 bundle deals that crop up too, and that's before we enter the retail mania of Black Friday (later this month). Those deals can range from the Household bundle for $1,799 all the way to the All-in-one bundle (aimed at small businesses) that's currently down from $3,737.99 to $2,499

We love the xTool M1, as you can see by our hands-on xTool M1 review. Sure, it's not as fast or as powerful as Glowforge Pro, but then that's reflected in the Glowforge Pro price. It's also not as compact as Cricut Maker 3 (see the best Cricut maker 3 bundle deals), but it has a laser cutter. If you need to know more, read my xTool M1 review.

The lowest xTool M1 prices

A press shot of the X-Tool M1 on a white background.

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xTool M1

This is the best xTool machine overall.

Machine dimensions: 22 x 17.5 x 9 inches | Laser: 5 and 10 watt models | Weight: 9.8 kg | Work area: 15 x 12 inches | Materials: 300+, including wood, metal and fabrics

Laser and blade cutting in one
Red Dot Winner 2022
Clean and compact design
The (beta) app is a little buggy

The xTool M1 features both blade and laser cutter and so it can do some of what a Cricut can and also some of what a Glowforge can do. This makes it a truly interesting craft machine. For context, the xTool M1 laser is 10 watt, whereas the Glowforge Pro laser is 45 watt – though that usually goes on sale for around $7,000! And the blade is a little bit more cut and dry (sorry), being a simple cutting blade, not a rotary, so it's a little limited compared to Cricut. 

And yet, having both a laser and a blade is the main appeal of the xTool M1. It means you can create complex projects that require clean cutting and engraving with one machine. If you don't already own a Cricut or Glowforge, the xTool M1 is a good hybrid option.

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