The best cheap AirPods 3 prices and deals in December 2023

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Relatively cheap AirPods 3 prices are becoming more common now that the latest generation of Apple's earpods have been out for over year. The release of new AirPods Pro have also helped lead to more AirPods 3 deals. To help you find them, we're linking to the best AirPods 3 prices at different retailers around the world all on this one page. 

Looking for a deal on the next level AirPods? Currently the AirPods Pro 2 are down $49 for Cyber Monday

The third generation of the classic AirPods boast an updated design with smaller stems, a more contoured fit, Adaptive EQ, spatial audio support and sweat resistance. That makes them a significant improvement on the AirPods 2 – although they still don't offer the active noise cancellation provided by the more expensive AirPods Pro and much more expensive AirPods Max. See below for details and the best AirPods 3 prices in your area. For more Apple deals, don't miss our rundown of the best Apple Black Friday deals.

The best AirPods 3 prices

The lowest AirPods 3 prices available: a man holds up a pair

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Apple Air Pods 3rd generation (2021)

Find the best Apple AirPods 3 deals

Release date: October 2021 | Water resistant?: Yes | Active noise cancellation?: No | Battery life: Up to 6 hours of listening time

Water and sweat resistance
Shorter stem than the previous AirPods
Cheaper than AirPods Pro
Still no active noise cancellation

Apple's first AirPods were released in 2016. The Bluetooth-powered wireless earpods were a big hit thanks to their strong audio performance and small, stylish, bodies. Since the initial launch, the AirPods have become one of Apple's biggest selling accessories and they've spawned several subsequent iterations. There are now also the AirPods Pro, which add active noise cancellation and other features, and the over ear headphones, the AirPods Max.

The original, standard AirPods are now on their third generation, the AirPods 3. These make a number of improvements on the previous model, reducing the size of the stem on the devices and adding water and sweat protection. They still don't have active noise cancellation (see the best AirPods Pro deals for that), but they are more Pro-like than before, while still being cheaper than the Pros (although they are more expensive than the previous AirPods generation).

The standard, second generation AirPods will set you back $129/£119 with a wired charging case. The newer AirPods 3 cost $179/£169 with a wireless charging case. However, the best AirPods 3 deals can reduce that – the lowest AirPods 3 prices we've seen so far are $139.99 in the US and £135 in the UK, both at Amazon. To date, we've never seen AirPods 3 deals like that last more than two days, so if you do see a saving like that in the list of prices below, grab it quick.

AirPods 3 prices: how much do Apple AirPods cost?

Why are AirPods so popular?

Part of the reason AirPods are so popular is probably simply because they're made by Apple. That tends to offer certain guarantees in terms of quality and build. They are 'true wireless', which means there's no wire connecting the left and right earphone. This makes them discreet and comfortable to use. They also look good, with the white colour making them stand out. They're by no means the only great headphones on the market though. For other options, see our pick of the best AirPods alternatives.

Cheap AirPods 3: is the AirPods charging case necessary?

The AirPods charging case is an essential accompaniment to the AirPods. Not only does it keep you from losing them so easily, it keeps them safe as you carry them around and it holds a battery, allowing you to charge the AirPods when you're not using them. It can fully charge the AirPods four times over. You plug the case into a USB port or power adapter, and a little LED light lets you know when the battery's full. The AirPods case can also wirelessly charge the AirPods, which means you don't need to even insert them into the case to top them up.

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