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The best cheap AirPods 3 prices and deals in October 2022

The lowest AirPods 3 prices available: a man holds up a pair
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Finding cheap AirPods 3 prices right now is not the easiest thing to do. Although we've seen some good AirPods 3 deals, as the earbuds were only released in October 2021, they're still popular and so deals are fleeting to say the least. That's why we've put together this page to pull in all the best live deals as they launch. Want even more Apple-related deals? Check out our rundown of the best Apple Prime Day deals happening right now. 

The third generation of the classic AirPods, the AirPods 3 boast a new design with smaller stems, a more contoured fit, Adaptive EQ, spatial audio support and sweat resistance. They are the best version of the most popular of all Apple AirPods – hugely outselling the higher end Apple AirPods Pro, and the higher-higher end AirPods Max.

Note that a deal on a pair of AirPods 3 is a relative thing. Even if you see a discount of $20 we think it's well worth considering, as there may be no better discount for a while. That said, we have seen larger discounts of $50/£50 or even $100/£100 on AirPods and AirPods Max, so it does happen. It just might just require a little patience. 

Here, we've got all the best cheap AirPods deals you can get right now. We've only included reputable and trustworthy retailers, so you can be sure you're getting the genuine article at a fair price. Below we've also outlined the differences between all the various types of AirPods, making it easier for you to figure out which are right for you. 

Still on the lookout for more Apple deals? It's well worth looking at our page of the best AirPods Pro deals, and see if you can get a pair of the high-end AirPods Max cheap

The best AirPods 3 prices

Cheap AirPods: Apple AirPods

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AirPods 3: more information

First released in 2016, the Apple AirPods are Bluetooth-powered wireless earpods that pack some brilliant tech into their small, stylish, bodies. Since the initial launch, the AirPods have become incredibly popular, and they are one of Apple's biggest selling accessories – in 2018 alone they sold 35 million units. And with the release of the AirPods Pro in October 2019, you're more likely than ever to get an Apple AirPods 3 deal.

So, why are the AirPods 3 so popular? Well, first of all, they are 'true wireless'. What this means is that each AirPod is completely wireless – unlike many wireless headphones and earpods that have a wire connecting the left and right earphone. This makes them discreet and comfortable to use. Oh, and they're the latest iteration of the classic AirPods from Apple! They are a quality product with a distinct design, that sound great.

AirPods 3 prices: how much do Apple AirPods cost?

In terms of the retail price, the standard, second generation AirPods will set you back  $129/£119 with a wired charging case. The new AirPods 3 cost $179/£169 with a wireless charging case, which is cheaper than the launch price of the previous generation device with a case. 

Then there's the AirPods Pro, which are set at $249/£239, but that doesn't mean that there aren't to be found on them. Getting a cheap AirPods Max deal is more difficult, and they usually sell at around $549/£549.

Cheap AirPods: is the charging case worth it? 

If you're not sure which ones you need, here's more about the benefits of the wireless charging case. The AirPods case is an essential accompaniment to the AirPods. Not only does it keep you from losing the AirPods quite so easily, but it keeps them safe as you carry them around.

Even more usefully, the AirPods case holds a battery, allowing you to charge the AirPods when you're not using them, allowing you to fully charge the AirPods four times. You plug the case into a USB port or power adapter, and a little LED light lets you know when the battery's full.

And, the AirPod case can wirelessly charge the AirPods, which means you don't need to even insert the AirPods into the case to top them up.

Because the case is so essential, it's frustrating that Apple doesn't always sell the case along with the AirPods, although the AirPods Pro do come with the charging case – so factor that into the price you see. 

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