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AROUND THE BLOQ: Create perfect infographics, access free web fonts and much more!

Free web fonts

Keen to add typographic personality to your next website without breaking the bank? Check out these free web fonts.

Seven ways to craft a killer self-promo campaign

Half of your job as a freelancer is to market yourself - and this rule applies to studios, too. Whether you’re cooking up a self-promotional campaign in print or digital, make sure you always get the essentials right with these expert tips...

Add text to complex surfaces in Photoshop

Per Gustafsson on how to use Photoshop's Transform tools to manipulate perspective and add text to tricky surfaces.

10 steps to creating the perfect infographic

JESS3’s Tiffany Farrant-Gonzalez and Jarred Romley take you through 10 key steps in the creation of informative and beautiful infographics.

Book review: Blender Master Class

Rob Redman delves into Ben Simonds’ asset creation-focused guide to Blender.

Divya Manian on problem solving

Divya Manian’s irrepressible energy is a force to be reckoned with. Martin Cooper talks to the Adobe Web Engine’s product manager about emerging web standards, love of good code and her spat with Instagram.

10 beautifully illustrated indie zines

Print's not dead - and here's proof, in the form of a thriving underground indie zine scene. Here's 10 top examples of the genre...