A design studio to die for!

Manchester-based communications agency Ubiquitous has collaborated with many leading brands, including Bentley, Harley Davidson and Bacardi. But its most recent project was in-house, with the team combining ideas, design and technology to this ultra-stylish office revamp.

After two months of solid hard graft, work was completed on the redesign just a week ago. And the Ubiquitous team ensured they got the office looking just right by not only providing detailed designs but sourcing all the new materials for it themselves.

Features of the new designer workplace include tiled and wood panelled walls, atmospheric lighting, a bike mounted on a wall, big, bold typography and vintage-style furniture. And we love it!

The company name in bold, stylish gold coloured type looks gorgeous against the newly wood panelled wall

Meeting rooms have been kitted out with tiled walls and atmospheric lighting

The Ubiquitous team can now hang out in this cool vintage-style room

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