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Fi to redesign site in the open

Global digital agency Fantasy Interactive (Fi) is to redesign its website in the open with aim to inspire designers and share its process.

The idea began on the company’s Facebook page, where it asked for feedback about bringing everyone “right into the entire process” of the project. After a positive response, Fi will now spend the next couple of months providing a unique insight into its design and development process.

Fi CEO and founder David Martin said the company had the idea years ago, and really wanted to show its passion, debates, decisions, failures and wins. However, it needed the right project. The Fi site was deemed perfect on the basis that the company could show whatever it wanted.

Martin said the wider web community can benefit from such openness from agencies: “In the spirit of transparency and sharing ideas, without a doubt, there will be benefits to folks looking in - and we’ll possibly also generate excitement and inspiration. It’s usually difficult for agencies to engage in such an exercise due to client sensitivities and even, to a degree, their own. Our hope is that this gets a huge following and a groundswell of support because it will become a case study to our own clients to potentially let us try it with them. Essentially, the Fi site is a test pilot.”

As the redesign progresses, all of Fi’s ideas and thought processes will be posted online for people to follow and comment on. Martin joked that the company “might regret this later", but had “no plans to take any of that content down". "It will be permanently etched on Facebook for the world to see," he added.